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direct commerce magzine

Pleased to announce another of our articles has been published in one of our favorite trade magazines – Direct Commerce Magazine The title was ’10 quick steps to a high performing ecommerce site’! Check out the full article here – Link

kanban board

The whole office is now full of ‘super sticky’ post-it notes! – We’ve implemented this for support, quoting, projects and invoicing , and its totally revolutionized the way we’re all working. The picture shows the ‘done’ column!!


Warren Buffet is the world’s most successful investor and from time to time the world’s richest man – let’s see what we can learn from the Oracle of Omaha. If Warren Buffet owned an eCommerce store, what would it look like? I’m currently making my way through Warren Buffet’s annual letters to shareholders. They are […]


Recently Google has been sending shockwaves through the SEO community with it’s large algorithm updates.  This has changed the playing field and whilst it has made SEO harder it has also opened up a lot of keyword to have a go at.  Sites that once dominated the search results have been slapped due to spammy […]


  Let’s work out how we are going to use your Magento site to actually sell stuff.  Thousands of Magento sites get built every day and I think many of them fall flat on their face because they don’t understand how to sell.  Let’s make sure your site is the best it can be. Firstly […]


This is one of the areas I get asked about the most in terms of Magento setup and optimisation so lets have a good look at this.  What I find is that if Magento is not configured correctly for SEO then this can lead to a huge loss in natural Google traffic and no-one wants […]


Now we are going to be getting into more advanced Google Analytics setup that you can get involved with Magento.  This is going to be relevant if you are making some decent sales.  however the only data you want to record is information on which you can take action on.  Otherwise its all just hot […]