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PPC – Google Adwords

Why Google Adwords? The only platform that works equally well for Top, Middle & Bottom of the Funnel Campaigns

Adwords makes it easy to diagnose the differing levels of an intent that users have and then use this information to craft campaigns to address where the user is on your conversion path. General, specific & branded searches tell us a lot about what a customer is trying to do. This data can be used to make your campaigns work harder and it can also be used as market research for new products. 0 searches means 0 interest in your product!

PPC – Google Adwords

Our Role Communicating what you want to say and what your customers want to hear.

The key is to find the areas in which you can dominate. Unfortunately you aren't the only business that has heard of Google so it's likely all of your competitors will also be on there. We work closely with brands to understand their offering and find their points of difference so that we can seek to win the easy battles and let others waste their budget on the losing battels.

Keen understanding of the companies that we work with, a healthy dose of creative and a complete deference to the data are all key to making successful campaigns. It is essential to review how users are interacting with the campaigns to ensure that we can keep pushing forward and be continually successful.

Do I need help with Adwords?

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  • Are your competitors bidding on your brand name?
  • Do you know what your ROAS is?
  • Do people already search for your products on Google?


If you struggle to answer these questions then we can help you!

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