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Google Shopping

Why Google Shopping? You can't afford to not be on the world's largest comparison shopping site.

Google Shopping's biggest benefit is you can assume a certain level of intent from users. This immediately puts them further down the funnel. We take this further by using a tiered approach to match products bids and budgets to the intent of a user. This comes down to the specificity of their search term and the agreed thinking is that the more specific the term, the more intent the user has.

One of our key approaches is to stay true to the Market Square analogy and this works perfectly for Google Shopping. You will be listed directly next to your competitors and so your offer has to stack up. If you are too expensive on price, charge too much for delivery and have poor reviews (or worse no reviews) how can you expect to compete with someone who is cheaper, offers free delivery and has great reviews?

Google Shopping

Our Role The perfect combination of Development & Marketing

It is essential that the product data that you give to Google absolutely meets both their and your requirements. This is done via a product feed that links the products on your website to Google Merchant Center. As both a marketing and web development agency we are uniquely positioned to be able to analyse the feed from a marketing perspective and understand the changes needed from a web development perspective.

Once we have the correct information in the feed then it is essential to analyse the data and recognise what it is telling us. We take a healthy interest in our clients products, we want to know which are the best sellers, which have the best margins, which are most popular on the platform and much more. We use this to guide the work we do on campaigns. It's pointless optimising a product or category if the margin isn't there and so we want to be devoting our time to the most beneficial areas.

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