The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Growth

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ECOMMERCE GROWTH BOOK Written by our owners Ian & Mark Hammersley

A blow by blow account of growing some of the biggest eCommerce sites in the UK. Ten years in the making, learn the shortcuts to rapid eCommerce growth. This book will position you to drive more growth from the same investment in half the time. Uncover the simple roadmap to growing a large and successful eCommerce shop.

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Our Book

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Ian & Mark are regular speakers at eCommerce events and recently we joined the lovely Chloe Thomas of eCommerce Masterplan to talk through the book and help retailers with some great tips.

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The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Growth

With 15 years experience working with a huge variety of eCommerce brands, Ian & Mark were passionate about finding a formula for growth. They always wondered why some business scale and others didn't, so they made it their life mission to analyse their clients and figure this out. They learned that it boiled down to 7 key KPI's and since then, they've used this formula to help countless eCommerce businesses scale to over 10 million pounds.

The book covers;

  • The KPI’s for eCommerce growth
  • Add to basket rate
  • Website speed and capacity
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Growth of six month customer recruitment year on year
  • Average order value robustness
  • Traffic growth
  • Basket to order rate
  • KPI workbook


This is a brilliant book! I found the insights to be very actionable. It's also well structured to help digest the information, it's concise & metric-driven. Since reading, i have re-assessed what's most important in our business, to focus on the most value-creating aspects.

Zak M - Amazon

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