Technical Audits Of Your Magento Website

Magento Audits


Our Magento audits have been designed & developed by experienced, certified Magento PHP developers. As a Magento growth agency, and being one of the largest exclusive Magento agencies in Manchester, we’ve seen all the cheats and shortcuts that Magento developers can make, and the sometimes disastrous consequences it can have on the stability of your Magento site. Magento audits are the key to success for any ecommerce retailer. Small coding errors, or bad practices can cause problems such as continual bugs, or something more fundamental that could lead to critical failures such as down time, or a security vulnerability.

Magento Audits


Our process has a colour-coded scoring system that highlights the most vulnerable areas of the ecommerce site. This makes the post analysis easy to interpret and allows you to understand quickly what areas need addressing. We will discuss each area with you in person

Magento Development

We have 30+ certified, in house Magento 1 & 2 Developers on hand for any of your Magento Development needs.


1. Server & Hosting – areas such as php versions, mysql versions, folder and file permissions

2. Magento Details – Basic Overview of root directories, custom folders and files.

3. Magento Core – Editing of core files, overwriting of core modules

4. Design Files & Front End – Editing of design base files, core Java files, HTML errors

5. Multi Store setup – if applicable.

6. Payment Methods – Overview, overriding of core payment files

7. Caching – Level of caching enabled

8. Module Overview – what purpose, review needed, overview of any potential issues.

9. Custom Functionality – Investigation of any ‘major’ custom functions (risk, result, notes)

10. Configuration – Overview of core configurations of magento for errors.

11. Cross Browser – Investigation of conversations and % of traffic with notes of fundamental errors

12. Logging – Review of persistent log files

13. Users – Detail of all users

14. APIs / Integrations – Overview of core functions of all current apis and integration work

15. Suggested Work – Results of the above

Brook Taverner

We've worked with Brook Taverner for over 5 years and have been a key part of their online growth.

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Dip & Doze

A Magento 2 build for startup brand Dip & Doze. Part of Manchesters largest textiles company.

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