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Working with GSF Car Parts not only on their Magento development, but on their revenue growth using our proven Smartebusiness KPI formula.

GSF has a huge amount of traffic with a four distinct buyer types. This national Car Parts brand wanted a way to highlight the buyer type of a visitor in real-time and then use this information to engage the visitor and convert them into a buyer.


The Solution

Benchmarketing of the data and the KPI’s to uncover the biggest opportunities

GSF’s growth has been fueled by improving the speed at which visitors find the car part for their needs. Given the huge amounts of products and car models this is no easy feat, but anything that eases the customer parts search ultimately increases conversion. Some visitors are researching future large purchases, others are looking what’s in stock in their local store, some need a part right now and then there’s also car enthusiasts checking out the possible parts for their projects. All this traffic leads to very different needs for different visitors and ‘one size’ fits all is not going to optimise the conversion rate or revenue per visitor.

Data Showed The Buying Window To Be Very Short Leading To Different Offer Architecture

Once the benchmarking and KPI’s work was done, it was clear that the buying window was much shorter on this store. Long ‘welcome series’ or normal remarketing were not going to be effective because the horse had already bolted. Hence the focus became on how to make the user confident enough to buy on their first visit. After talking to customers, reviewing post purchase feedback and digging into Google Analytics it was clear that the offer architecture was confusing and not visible enough. We used offer amplification methods to make the offer more visible during the four hours between the firstsite visit and the most likely sales event. Capturing data using Scentrail and highlighting the offer at key positions on the site and making the communication of the offers much simpler via design tweaks had a dramatic effect.

In the first month this work led to a month on month revenue increase of a staggering 61%.

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We started working with Smartebusiness at the beginning of 2012. The site immediately started to produce significantly increased sales. Since launch we have spent a considerable amount of time working to optimise the site on a number of levels – the key being to increase the conversion rate (sales vs visitors), average order value and number of site visits.

European Marketing Manager, GSF Car Parts

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