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smartebusiness has been working with Brook Taverner for over 10 years and has helped grow the brand into one of the UK’s leading menswear retailers. Revenue has doubled many times during our tenure with this client and we continue to push hard to remain relevant and keep growing. Brook Taverner are a pleasure to work with and our success together is a true partnership.



Split Testing To Increase Conversion Rates


At any one time on the Brook Taverner website there is usually one or two key split tests running. Nothing is rolled out based on guesswork – this has shown us exactly what’s working and why. We can quickly spot and test industry trends to see if our customers respond.
Brook Taverner drives a lot of traffic using catalogue marketing and this leads to a lot of coupon usage. We have built technology to provide instant feedback on coupon usage, showing up any issues right away. There’s nothing worse than getting the coupons wrong after spending thousands to send out brochures. You only get one shot!


Customer Recruitment Via Google Adwords


Google Adwords has been a key part of our growth. Starting with Google Search and utilising landing page offers, constantly split testing messaging to gain the edge over the competition. We then transitioned successfully from a Google Search recruitment strategy to Google Shopping. Having to develop the Google Shopping channel to fit the Brook Taverner offer model worked well and we continue to grow.
House file email growth and revenue continue to be vital to our growth online. Using tools like ScentTrail to increase data capture and incentivise sales has enabled growth to continue. Focusing on deliverability and integrating with tools like Return Path enable our emails to sell.



“smartebusiness have doubled our sales in under 6 months”

Jason Scott Director Brook Taverner.



Affiliate Management is also used to acquire new customers. We are constantly trying new Affiliate Marketing engagment techniques to increase exposure and email list inclusion in the UK’s growing number of Affiliate Marketing sies.

Successful Facebook Advertising Channel


As our customer set moved onto Facebook, so did we. Using multi-layer sales funnels on Facebook allows us to recruit new customers in our target age group. Then we can upload vingtiles based on our top spending customers and create lookalike lists of these specific buyers.




Smartebusiness doubled our eCommerce revenue within 6 months

Jason Scott, Brook Taverner

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