Why Don’t We Ask

Why Don’t We Ask

I read Ask by Ryan Levesque a while back.

It’s one of those books that I need to pick back up and have another look at.

“He Gets In Front Of A Large River Of Buying Traffic And Asks Them What They Want”

In a nutshell, he gets in front of a large river of buying traffic and asks them what they want.

He then splits the majority of this into (up to 5) buckets.

Then he creates a landing page that asks people which bucket they are in and sends them to a sales page crafted exactly for that bucket.

He knows that 80% of the traffic will fall into one of these 5 buckets and thus will get their own carefully crafted sales letter or offer.

Super simple and super effective.

Yet very few people do it.

Let’s look at an example of how this might work.

Take someone selling golfing equipment. Surveying the traffic in the golfing niche might lead you to the following buckets

  1. First time golfers looking for their first golf clubs
  2. Parents looking to buy clubs for their children
  3. Intermediate golfers looking to move to the next level
  4. Advanced golfers looking for the latest hot product
  5. Everyone else

Once we have the buckets, we can craft a simple home page survey to understand which person we are dealing with. I.e. Get Started With Our 5 Second Survey

Then we can lead, for example, the Parents to a landing page talking about how to choose the right set of golf clubs for their child, covering what size to buy based on the child’s height etc. This will convert that buyer much more than a generic home page trying to convert all 5 buckets.

This approach makes so much sense.

But hardly anyone uses it.


Because we think we know the buyer, we think that we know exactly what should go on the homepage and that we can’t afford to miss anyone.

“It’s The Fear Of Not Appealing To All Traffic That Stops Us Doing This Approach”

You hear it across all small businesses when you ask, who is your customer? and they answer ‘well men and women over 18 years to 65’

Basically, their target market is human beings who have a bit of money.

“We Need To Stop Selling To Everyone”

We need to stop selling to everyone and do a good job of selling to the 20% of buyer categories that make up 80% of the traffic.

It’s a good book, have a read.

Look at the effect of putting Adwords traffic into buckets and honing the advertising message to the 20% in our case study video  http://go.markhammersley.co/get-started


Mark (ask ask ask) Hammersley


May 30, 2018

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