Speed – It’s all about speed.

Speed – It’s all about speed.

It’s all about speed.

We humans think we are level-headed consistent beings that don’t change our minds from one minute to the next.

It’s an illusion.

We are all over the place.

We think that we are rational, that our decisions make sense.

Alas, experiments have shown that we make some decisions subconsciously and then come up with a conscious reason for that choice afterward.

“Our Subconscious Decides And Then We Pretend It Was Our Idea”

Crazy! Our subconscious decides and then we pretend it was our idea.

So, when you have an interested prospect on your store you need to act with speed before the ‘monkey mind’ gets fixated on the next thing.

I have done a lot of AdWords for promotional product stores and they tend to do lead generation on product pages. It turns out that unless you respond within 10 minutes of that lead then the chances of closing that business reduces by 90%.

“People Are Only In The Receptive Zone For Buying In That Instant”

This is because people are only in the receptive zone for buying in that instant.

In that instant, they are convinced they cannot live without the product or service you sell. Ten minutes later and they don’t even remember visiting your site.

So how does this help us with ecommerce and selling physical products online?

Well response rate to live chat, support emails and every interaction must be swift.

We need instant gratification. We need to

1) Help people on the checkout page within 5 seconds otherwise they will walk
2) Respond to contact us enquiries within 10 minutes otherwise doubts creep in.
3) Have a fast website (under 4 secs load time in Google Analytics)
4) Deliver products faster than we promise.
5) Up-sell quickly whilst they are still in the ‘buying zone’
6) Not make people wait on phone lines

Every interaction you have with the customer whether its digital or personal needs to be fast and super attentive.

“Time Is King”

Time is king we are all only in the buying zone for a small window.

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Mark (Monkey Mind) Hammersley


June 8, 2018

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