Should I Be Put in Ecommerce Jail?

Should I Be Put in Ecommerce Jail?

My ecommerce stores are annoyingly successful

I don’t do a lot of stuff that people tell me I should do.

They tell me to put a quick view on the category pages.

I refuse

They tell me to use one product Adgroups in Google Shopping.

I don’t

They tell me I should never discount

I fail

They tell me to split Adwords campaigns by device.

I resist

They tell me to remarket to everyone.

I avoid

They tell me I need the latest extension on my site.

I ignore them

They tell me I should be getting into native advertising

I yawn

They tell me I should have fancy drop downs

I tune out


“Everything Has To Prove Itself”

Because I don’t care what the latest trend is. I am always testing, testing, testing. Everything has to prove itself and often what these experts recommend is just baloney.

It’s baloney because what works for one site does not always work for another.

You cannot play football in flippers or snooker with a table tennis bat.

At least not very well.

“The Wrong Technique On The Wrong Site Is Bad”

The wrong technique on the wrong site is bad.

Have a look at what a Google Shopping rebel campaign looks like by watching our case study video here


Mark (Rebel) Hammersley


April 25, 2018

Behind the scenes at Smartebusiness


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