Naked Wines

By focusing on the key exit points and their associated contextual data smartebusiness was able to reduce customer abandonment. It was clear there was a miss match between the coupons prospects were receiving in the post and the landing pages – tying these together more closely helped keep the momentum of the buyer moving through the sign up process.

This extra speed then clearly showed the next bottleneck which was how the basket and checkout flow was designed. Naked Wines had taken ‘best practice’ advice around the basket function but because buyers needed to add at least 6 bottles of wine to the basket before they could order this meant that the basket flow needed to be redesigned to accommodate this unique process. Smartebusiness is an expert at optimizing website flow for increased new customer conversion. By implementing smartebusiness,s recommendations Naked Wines was able to increase their conversion rate which is equivalent to an extra £2 million worth of extra revenue per year. Now the customer recruitment funnel was converting at a higher level the marketing team could re-try some of the advertising channels that had previously not netted a higher enough return.

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