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Christy are an iconic brand of home textiles. This includes the famous Wimbledon Towels and are well known throughout the UK for quality and customer service. We worked with Christy to facilitate a period of high growth.

6 Figure Revenue Growth Year On Year


Working alongside a monthly KPI plan allowed us quickly to spot the next bottleneck. Together we gained market share with paid search revenue increasing by over 120%, SEO by over 30% year on year, with each step along the way mapped out.
Our feedback package highlighted key concerns of the ‘almost buyers’ such as their frustrations with coupons and navigation. Knowing what was stopping people from buying at each stage made the next conversion rate gain clear to see and achievable.

Direct Revenue Grows By Over 100% YOY


A site like Christy has a lot of moving parts and a lot of different actors working on it. The inhouse team, the adwords team, the affiliate team, the social team, the SEO team – everyone had a different focus and it was our job to bring it all together. To do this with used Agile project management, building sprints of development work with regular scrum standups involving key players.
Our experience of scaling big sites and their revenues helped us guide the client team across the many decisions they need to make each day. Tying everything back to the KPI targets helped centre the discussion and focus all the teams on the same roadmap.


Referral revenue grows by 45% Year On Year.

Source – Google Analytics


Understanding what visitors are struggling with is only half the battle. The other half is knowing what to do about it. With over 10 years of Ecommerce split testing under our belts we have a huge catalogue of test results to implement once the issues are uncovered. We also brought this methodology to Christy and setup split tests to uncover the rights directions to take with key traffic segments.


Scent Trail leads to massive growth in the house file


We developed ScentTrail exactly for client’s like Christy. When starting to increase site traffic through paid media, it’s paramount to implement data collection techniques that grow the house file. This allows further segmentation and email automation techniques to be implemented.

Making sure transactional and promotional emails were delivered was key. Offers needed to be delivered on time as many were time sensitive, hence any ESP delay frustrated the end user due to them missing out.


Social Media Revenue Grows By Over 300%


Facebook sales funnels continue to be a unique offering at smartebusiness. Starting with bottom of the funnel campaigns and then layering on top sales funnel stages allows us to recruit new customers and take advantage of the sites rising conversion rates.


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