Google Shopping Training

Google Shopping Training Course

Google Shopping Made for Ecommerce Businesses

Ideal for business owners and marketing teams looking to optimize their Google Shopping Feeds. Designed for teams already using Google Shopping or thinking of using Google Shopping to drive more revenue for their business.

Utilizing Google’s comparison shopping service is key to any product retailer in today's market. We can show you the best ways to optimize your products stand out from the competition and ultimately make the experience cheaper and more profitable. Shopping is an ever shifting competitive landscape that requires in depth understanding to dominate on. We have experience working across a wide range of verticals and budgetary levels and so we can give valuable insights to start ups and established businesses alike. We’ve worked with the likes of AGA Cookshop, Brook Taverner & GSF Car parts.

Google Shopping Training Course

THE PACKAGE Deliverables

Campaign structure

When to use automated bidding

The importance of the feed

The key to Google’s algorithm



Drive more results with less spend

What to ask your agency - the essential questions

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