When Ecommerce Sales Hit a Plateau

When Ecommerce Sales Hit a Plateau

We are running along nicely growing each year and then suddenly it all stops.

What worked before seems to have lost its impact.

No matter what you put into the top of the funnel, the same amount seems to come out the bottom.

“Go And Watch What The Better Teams Are Doing”

If we were on a football team, our coach would tell us to go and watch what the better teams are doing.

So that’s what we do in ecommerce.

If we are doing 1 million a year in sales and have hit a plateau, we go and look at someone who is doing 5 million and learn the lessons they learned to get there.

Often, we think we are all alone building a business that’s completely unique. Most entrepreneurs like us are super competitive but we tend to try and do it alone.

Most of the time the business we are creating have been scaled before many times. We don’t have to limit ourselves to the country we are in. What about the USA, Australia, NZ, Canada, UK etc who has grown a business there like ours that are scaled. What did they do?

“Let’s Not Be Afraid To Clone The Best”

We need a plan and it’s best if that plan has been tried and tested.

People don’t look for a new route when climbing Mount Everest. No, they look at the route Ed Hillary took and use that because it worked.

Truth is I have specialised in selling a physical product online for over 10 years. I started selling my own stuff and the gradually got asked to help more and more people sell their stuff.

“I’ve Run Campaigns All Over The World”

Five years ago, I specialised in Google Shopping and Google Adwords for ecommerce. I’ve run campaigns all over the world.

Chances are I have already sold and scaled a product just like the one you are currently selling.

See what knowing the route to the top of Google Shopping can do for our clients by watching our case study video here https://go.markhammersley.co/get-started


Mark (Map Holder) Hammersley


June 13, 2018

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