You Are Climbing a Mountain In The Dark

You Are Climbing a Mountain In The Dark

It’s the same with art, blank page fear the fear of the unknown!

We are all afraid to fail.

“But Fail We Must”

But fail we must

We often think out we need to have it all figured out before we start.

Unfortunately, that’s impossible.

The world is so full of moving parts that no one mind can hope to figure out everything.

So, what do you do?

Get something out there and iterate.

I would guess that roughly out of every 10 Ecommerce store split tests I launch 6 do nothing, 2 lower results and 2 improve conversion.

“It Takes That Many Little Failures To Increment Forward”

That sounds bad, but it takes that many little failures to increment forward.

Those 2 successes are the only changes that get rolled out and 2 improvements each month add up to big numbers over the year.

I often ask new clients, do you split test and they mostly say yes. But what they mean is yes we occasionally split test.

But what I mean is

Are you split testing all the time on everything you can and do you systemise it?

i.e. it should be

illegal to not be split testing banner on the home page.

Illegal for your bestselling products to not be constantly split testing product copy.

Illegal to not be split testing top category images.

You need to realise you are on a big mountain wearing a blindfold and you are most likely at the bottom of potential.

“Yes, It’s Scary But You Need To Step Forward”

Yes, it’s scary but you need to step forward and feel if you are higher or lower. If its lower, step back WRONG WAY. But if it’s higher keep going.

But there is a shortcut I have climbed this mountain a lot of times.
So, let’s have a chat about the mountain
Thanks again!

Mark (Mountain Guide) Hammersley


January 31, 2018

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