What Happens After They Buy

What Happens After They Buy

If you ask the typical ecommerce owner what they are focusing on they will tell you things like

1) I am working on my landing page conversion rate

2) I am making my website do x y z so that it’s easier to use

3) I’ve noticed my competitor is offering free shipping, so I am doing that.

“The Best Marketing Happens When You Get A Customer”

These are all valid, but the best marketing happens when you get a customer.

True marketing is about how well the customer’s needs are met during their whole lifecycle as a customer.

“We Really Want To Be Giving Them Dream Come True Experiences”

How we treat them once they buy will have massive repercussions on ongoing revenue. We really want to be giving them a dream come true experiences. Let’s list a few ways that we can make sure this happens when someone buys

1) Give them a free unexpected upgrade of delivery method and email them to let them know this is happening.

2) Pop a free unexpected gift with their purchased products. E.g. some free sun glasses with a contact lens order.

3) If the price drops of the item they just bought within a certain time, offer them a refund of the discount amount.

4) Ring them personally if its an expensive item and you know that they will be worried about delivery.

5) Send them a post purchase email on how to get the most out of this product and link to a discussion page where people can ask questions of others who have also bought the same product.

6) Make returns free and easy to do.

7) Link with the shipping company to receive feedback on any deliveries that go wrong so you can follow up personally and make it right. EVEN IF IT’S THE DELIVERY COMPANIES FAULT take full ownership of the experience.

8) Assign a real person to their delivery communications in the email i.e. the delivery emails, order confirmation etc and give them a phone number for that person. This allows them to have one point of contact with you, so they feel like they are dealing with a person and therefore if there is a problem they are much more likely to reach out.

Even if you sell a product like a garden shed where the customer only tends to buy once this is still important.


“Giving Them A Great Experience Will Mean They Talk A Lot About It Which Triggers Word Of Mouth Marketing”

Because even though you sell a product customers can only buy once, giving them a great experience will mean they talk a lot about it which triggers word of mouth marketing.

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Mark (Lifetime Marketing) Hammersley


June 19, 2018

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