My New Book On Google Shopping Is Out

My New Book On Google Shopping Is Out

I am happy to announce that my book is now published on Google Shopping.

Here it is on

And here on

This is a real specialist book on Google Shopping and is a good tool especially if you are not big enough to pay for an agency to run your ads for you.

Here are the contents listed out for you

– How To Do More With Less

– So What Is Google Shopping

– How To Use This Book

– Inside A Campaign

– Structuring Campaigns For Maximum Effect

– Feed Optimisation Techniques

– Third Party Tools

– Bidding Strategy

– Major Feed Changes

– Taking Google Shopping To The Next Level

– Summary

Please note that Amazon does keep selling out and then having to order more, so if you see it in stock grab a copy now as when Amazon does the reordering there seems to be a bit of a delay.


Mark Hammersley


October 3, 2018

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