Magento Site Examples

When people are looking to use Magento they always want to see some example sites.  So I thought I would put together a list of my favourite Magento sites.  Full disclaimer though, we did build SOME (not all) of these sites so I am probably very biased.  That said lets continue 🙂

1. Brook Taverner (

I like this site because of the imagery used.  The website deliveries an experience greater than the sum of its parts and buyers get a real sense of who a Brook Taverner customer is.


2.  About Health (

This is a great site that really focuses on the need of the consumer gives them one option and converts really well.  Great social proof, authority and direct selling methods used.


3. GSF Car Parts (

This site is great because of the sheer work and data that’s gone into it.  Very simple for the user, enter your vehicle and you see the parts for your vehicle.  A good example of how more complicated website can use Magento and handle a large amount of products whilst still being fairly quick.


4. Return 2 Health (

Another website that does really well.  By focusing around a niche, in this Candida, they have a real USP and buyers flock to the site to buy.


5. Marine Deals (

The business model for this site is why its worth a mention.  Great focus on email capture and great use of building a community around a passion that really comes through the whole site experience.


I have seen Magento used for lots of different sites.  For example at the moment we are using Magento to build a jobs site and the structure works really well.

June 14, 2012

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