Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics Training Course

GOOGLE ANALYTICS Made for Ecommerce Businesses

Send your eCommerce & Marketing teams for an advanced training session with Ian Hammersley, Author of The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Growth.

We come across a large number of people working in eCommerce that work with Google Analytics every day, but don’t have things like Enhanced Ecommerce set up or automatic reporting for conversion rate dips. Our training session is designed to teach you where to look, what the stats mean, what they should be and how to set your Google Analytics up so it works for your business and is a more efficient use of your time.

You’ll go back to the office with a thorough understanding of GA and the ability to immediately deep dive into your stats and interpret them in a way that will help to drive revenue growth.

One of our most valuable training courses to help data driven eCommerce businesses.

Google Analytics Training Course

THE PACKAGE Deliverables

What eCommerce & Marketing managers should be tracking

How to set it up & report properly

What you need to look at on a weekly basis

Overview of what the main metrics should be

Advanced eCommerce reporting, setting up automated emails for if your conversion rate dips

Defining segments

How to set up customer goals and events

Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts

Build and maintenance of the Love Hearts website.

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