Google Adwords Training

Google Adwords Training Course

Google Adwords Made for Ecommerce Businesses

Ideal for business owners and marketing teams looking to take their first steps into paid digital.

We will be teaching you the fundamentals of understanding google adwords accounts, to allow you to build well structured campaigns that will be easy to analyse and will help drive business goals. You’ll benefit from fresh industry knowledge and an oversight of different verticals. This session will bust your typical paid digital myths and ensure you walk away knowing best practice industry standards.

You’ll walk away from this session, able to immediately implement paid ad’s within your business and a thorough knowledge of structuring budget and how to spend wisely.

We’ve worked with the likes of AGA Cookshop, Brook Taverner & GSF Car Parts on their Adwords campaigns and we're here to help your teams drive more revenue for your business.

Google Adwords Training Course

THE PACKAGE Deliverables

What eCommerce & Marketing managers should be tracking

How to set it up & report properly

What you need to look at on a weekly basis

Overview of what the main metrics should be

Advanced eCommerce reporting, setting up automated emails for if your conversion rate dips

Defining segments

How to set up customer goals and events

Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts

Build and maintenance of the Love Hearts website.

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