The Ecommerce Tipping Point

The Ecommerce Tipping Point

Malcom Gladwell talks about that moment when EVERYTHING HAPPENS in his book the tipping point.

With our online stores, this happens with our marketing campaigns.

That’s hard for a beginner to get their head around because they might spend x amount on Facebook or Adwords and get nothing and so stop.

“Facebook Is Particularly Prone To The Tipping Point”

Facebook is particularly prone to the tipping point. This is because when you start a campaign your advert has no social interaction, therefore no social proof and people write you off.

Spend another chunk of money on the ad and suddenly you have likes, shares and comments that show you are the real deal.

My Ecommerce business blue print involves flushing out the potential buyers with Google Shopping and then remarketing to them based on site behaviour with carefully selected ads on social media and email.

“These Remarketing Ads Tend To Only Work Once They Have Social Proof, Comments And Shares”

These remarketing ads tend to only work once they have social proof, comments and shares.

The simple one two three punch works like this

  1. Get people who are interested in buying x product to put their hand up on Google Shopping/Adwords
  2. Remarket to the people that didn’t buy (Facebook, GDN, Email) with content that shows thata. People love this product, e.g. good reviews, lots of likes, shares and commentsb. Lots of people buy it, e.g. images of products in actual buyer homes

    c. This brand delivers, e.g. good third-party reviews for shipping and experience

  3. Post-purchase follow up to make sure these buyers buy again as quickly as possible.

The trigger point for the whole sequence comes when point 2 is working and triggered.

“That’s The Essential Step That Moves Your Offer Above The Competition”

Most ecommerce store marketing I see does point 1 and then has a tick in the box point 2 strategy that never triggers. So, results are poor.

Regarding point 3, I very rarely see this done well at all. With one of my biggest customers, we spent ages working out the exact amount of free loyalty points to give with each first-time order to receive the most repeat purchases in the next 30 days.

Have a watch of our Google Shopping Case study video to see what happens when you hit your trigger points


Mark (Triggered) Hammersley


June 15, 2018

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