Our Book – The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Growth

Our Book – The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Growth

As most of you probably already know, Smartebusiness was founded over 15 years ago, and in that 15 years we have learnt a lot about eCommerce best practices. Through working on the front line on eCommerce websites and providing consultancy to a wide number of retailers, we quickly identified the main KPI’s for revenue growth and built our business ethos around those drivers.

We aren’t going to spoil the fun and go into too much detail, but the book is focused around the 7 KPI’s to scale an eCommerce shop to 10 million plus. We delve into topics such as;

Add to basket rate

Website speed and capacity

Lifetime customer value

Customer recruitment

Average order value

Traffic growth

Basket to order rate


You can purchase the book here and please do share your feedback with us or give us a call if you’d like to discuss it with one of the authors!



January 3, 2008

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